Show Up Well and Own It!

Are you happy? Are you leading the life you know you were meant to live, or are you just rocking along in mediocrity? Are you so “busy” you can’t stop to really evaluate and make necessary shifts to live a happy life? If not now, when?  When will you take charge of your personal world and make it a better place to live in? When you are 80?

I spent years riddled with guilt and fear feeling like I was never enough or did enough. Always trying to live up to someone else’s expectation of me. That is not a happy space to be in. I gave and gave until I couldn’t give anymore thinking that somehow it would come back to me. Then it happened … The two words showed up that changed me forever.

What are these 2 magical words?

Own it!

Own it?  It’s my boss that is standing in my way. It is my spouse who doesn’t support me. It is that aggressive cohort that always beats me out every time I am about to move forward. It is my upbringing that I can’t change. Own what? My lack of success is not my fault. What am I supposed to own?


Really? … Own the life that you have been given. Own your power of choice. Own the fact that there are immeasurable resources available for you to succeed beyond your wildest imagination. Own your magnificent mind and healthy body and your plethora of abilities that so many others would give anything just to possess. The journey to “Own It” is one of facing reality, self-satisfaction, and power. A powerful, happy life comes from stepping up to the plate and owning our own talents, abilities, and our life’s choices.

There are really only three strategies I have ever found for happiness and fulfillment in life, whether in the marketplace or on the home-front. If we master these three, I guarantee that we will Show Up Well – Own It, and live a happy fulfilled life. I didn’t say it was easy or without effort. That is a fantasy. However, it is most certainly easier than staying on the proverbial hamster wheel.

My simple strategy (that I admit takes grueling implementation) is this: Take charge of 3 things…

Take complete power and OWN your:

1. Thoughts

2. Words

3. Deeds

We all have to start somewhere. Begin today to think about what you are thinking about. Get help with strategies to empty your head trash and replace it with healthier thoughts. Pay attention to what comes out of your mouth and make a mindful decision to upgrade your words and add more positivity in your day. Finally, own your actions. Own past actions and take immediate measures to sow good seeds with your deeds. Take charge of YOU on purpose, every day.

Show Up Well and Own It!

How to Start Your Life From Scratch

Scratch – it’s an interesting word.

I know when my life fell apart … the first time … I had 8 kids. I was left scratching my head.

Scratch – You know the feeling when you have that little itch that is ridiculously irritating? It consumes your mind until that blessed moment when you finally get a chance to SCRATCH it!  Scratching can feel really good!

Speaking of scratch …

Sometimes I have to do just that – SCRATCH my plans and ideas. Things didn’t go as I planned or anticipated. OK, scratch it! Strike that idea out! Let’s start over again … from scratch.

Here are some definitions I found for the word SCRATCH:



  • To use the nails or claws for tearing or digging. – Yep, that is pretty much how I felt.
  • To earn a living or manage in any respect with great difficulty. – Yeeeesssss.
  • To withdraw or be withdrawn from a contest or competition. Bingo! The only problem was, the contest was the game of life

So to simplify a very complicated matter, please allow me to share with you 7 steps I  personally used to rebuild my life from scratch. And I am talking about when everything fell apart, my life was completely broken and GONE as I knew it.


7 Steps to Build Your Life Again From Scratch

  1. S – See what assets you do have. Do you have breath, health, a somewhat sane mind? That is a start.
  2. C – Choose to rebuild – The most difficult part of rebuilding my life was that no one could do it for me. Others could support me in various ways, but ultimately I had to make that choice to rebuild.
  3. R – Risk having relationships. When you are down and out, the last thing you want to do is put out the effort to build relationships. People are how we heal. You will not heal in a vacuum. Reach out to someone who is trustworthy who can help you.  Risk letting down your walls even when it is so difficult to trust. Take a tiny step.
  4. A – Ask the right questions. Ask for advice. The right question is not “Why is this happening to me?” The right question is “What is one thing I can do to begin to rebuild my life?” or “Whom can I ask for advice who has been through this before?”
  5. T – Take responsibility for your future. Trust. Watch your Thoughts. Think about what you DO have and what you DO want. Try your best not to think about what you don’t have and what you don’t want.
  6. C – Cry. Let it out. When I went through my rebuilding process I lived near a lake that was in drought. I could not understand how that could be since I cried enough tears to fill it up multiple times. Give yourself room to cry like a baby …. because that is where you are right now…. starting a new life just like a baby.
  7. H – Happiness – Allow yourself to feel happiness. In the midst of your pain, give yourself permission to have moments of joy. Smile if you can’t laugh. And when something does make you smile, make your mind think about it for a moment. Don’t let it go so quickly. If you get a chance to laugh out loud, take it. Laughter is one of your greatest assets.

If you have been on this planet for any length of time, you have experienced a “Scratch” moment.

I found one more definition of the word scratch:


That is my personal favorite.

How do we start our life over from scratch? Draw a line in the sand and make a declaration. MY NEW LIFE BEGINS TODAY. NOW IS THE START OF MY NEW JOURNEY. THIS MOMENT IS MY STARTING PLACE. And even if you cry like a baby in the beginning of your new life, I promise that you will outgrow that stage. Life will get better. You will grow and be stronger.


After all … Everyone knows that things are better when they are made from scratch.

Love is Power – Even on the Job

I am not so sure where we got the notion that love is not allowed in business. You may have heard to keep business thing business and personal things personal. While there are certainly healthy boundaries around dragging personal issues into the workplace, what is so wrong with adding in a little love into your work day?

This month is our month of Thanksgiving here in the USA. What would happen if we took this opportunity to show a little love … mixed with our gratitude? It’s ok … even on the job.

Love is the opposite of fear – not hate. Like it or not, we operate in one or the other. Hmmm … let me check my decisions … are they based on fear or love?

Are we doing our job because we love what we do and what our company brings to this world, or are we working out of fear of lack or some other driving fear? We can tap into love for what we do and the fear will begin to dissipate.

Fear is no way to live life. Let’s add in a little love.

Love is power.

My friend Katy is amazing. She is brilliant, very intuitive, and holds a C-level position in a very respected company. She is kind, generous, and a beautiful person inside and out. Katy is like the rock of Gibraltar. She is immovable. She stands for love no matter what. When I asked her about her success, she said: “It is simple. I run all of my decisions through a filter of love”. Go Katy! What would our work environment look like if our leaders were courageous enough to drive out fear with love? Anyone can choose anger and fear. It takes a true leader to “filter our decisions through love” as Katy says.

Leaders – Let’s BE the standard! 

Choose love over fear.

Love Is Power!

Food for thought this Thanksgiving. It is as delicious as that turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie!

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  • Enjoy better relationships
  • Choose faith over fear every time
  • Find your true purpose
  • Live a truly R.I.C.H. life

Here is what one professional woman said about the Show Up Well Boot Camp.

I wish the whole world could too, Sandra. We would all be more powerful and learn to choose a little more love!

Bedroom Etiquette – How to Show Up Well Behind Closed Doors – Introduction

               Song of Songs 5:2
You are my pure, loyal dove,
a perfect partner for me.
My flawless one, will you arise?


How are you showing up behind closed doors?

How is your home life?

How is your relationship with your spouse?

How would you like to add some passion back into your marriage?

So goes your home life … so goes your LIFE …

We can learn to Show Up Well all the way from the Boardroom to the Bedroom!

In our Professional life and our Personal life!

This tiny little book will create Tremendous Transformation when applied to your marriage.

I know the pain of divorce. Let’s stop it!

One of the ways our relationships erode is by focusing on everything else other than our spouse!

In Bedroom Etiquette – How to Show Up Well Behind Closed Doors I give practical, inspiring simple action steps to add a little steam back into the soul of your marriage.

It begins with creating a sacred space.

It ends with … well … a happy ending!

Isn’t that what we all want? A happy ending to our fairy tale?

A strong relationship at home is a foundation for extraordinary success.

Your marriage can be your fairy tale.

What good is it if you build an extensive empire if your home life is in shambles?

Bedroom Etiquette gives simple steps so you can Show Up Well Behind Closed Doors!

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Let’s keep marriages STRONG as we head into 2019!

We can ALL learn to Show Up Well Behind Closed Doors!

Much love to all,

Jan Goss-Gibson

The Navigational Coach

Holidays Are Like Snowflakes – No Two Are Alike

What are your expectations this holiday season?

Do you feel like the Christmas Spirit passed you by?

Holidays can be a little tricky. If you have great memories of holidays past … when you think of them they can bring you joy or make you sad that this holiday is different.

I feel your pain …

Christmas was always a BIG deal in our home growing up. I have the fondest memories of family and friends at holiday time. Many of those people are not here anymore. That can make me feel sad.

A few years back when I was having a particularly difficult time with this thought process, I had an epiphany – Each holiday is different. Just like snowflakes.

What would happen if I just let each one fall organically? Could I accept each holiday for the love and gifts that it brings? I wasn’t sure, but I was willing to give it a try.

I sure am glad I did!

I have not had a sad holiday since!

Sure, I miss my loved ones who have gone on. Sure, my family looks different now than it did then. But there are some things that have not changed.

  1.  I am still me! I am a giver. I love to give. What better time than at Christmas?
  2. If no one else wants to be with me, I want to be with myself! I can celebrate that I have truly learned to love and enjoy me!
  3. It is still the season to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. My relationship with Jesus fills my heart with unexplainable peace and joy.
  4. I DO have people in my life who love me. What a great opportunity to connect with them and thank them for being there!
  5. This is a great time to get out and explore other people’s festive creativity. I can go look at lights and festive decorations to stir up my creativity and make me smile.

No two holidays are exactly the same.

This year, I hope you are inspired to Show Up Well for yourself and look at your season just like you would a snowflake to embrace the unique beauty that it brings!

Happy Holidays!

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Seasons Change

Thank God that seasons change.
On my Mastermind call this morning, I had so many “wins” to share from last week …. it reminded me that seasons really do change. My wins were a very welcomed break from a painful season of what I call “pruning”. You know those times when things get so tight you think your oxygen supply just got cut off?
Well, maybe I am being a little dramatic, but you get the picture. Financial challenges, health scares, loved ones acting crazy, and friends dissing you enough to break your heart … yeah, those kind of things. Doesn’t feel too great … but it was just a season.
I want to pass on the encouragement … just in case you are in a tough season right now.
The great thing about a season is that it is temporary…. it’s just a season. 
When you are the one in it, it can feel like it lasts FOREVER … but seasons really do change.
If you have ever been pregnant (sorry guys … nothing to compare to) you know that as you get toward the end of the pregnancy it can get a little uncomfortable. OK, it can get miserable!
But that season is about to change. And guess what … the next season brings its own set of challenges. It brings its own rewards as well. Every season has its own beauty.
I think when I was younger I thought that in life you hit some sort of plateau where the challenges stop.
Not true.
At least not if you have people in your world that you love and care about.
When you love a lot of people, you open yourself up to seasons of challenges. If you aren’t facing one, someone you love is.
This is where faith comes in.
  • Faith that everything will be ok
  • Faith that grace is on whoever’s challenge it is to face
  • Faith that all things are working together for good
  • Faith that there really is a God who loves you and your loved ones
  • Faith that you are enough
  • Faith that you are not in it alone
Are you in a tough season?
I just came through one. And I am pretty sure if I live long enough, there will be another. It’s ok with me. That same season of challenge carries with it many beautiful blessings.
A few things to keep in mind …
  • It is ok to be still and quiet
  • Listen to yourself and write things down
  • Don’t stay isolated for too long
  • Reach out for support
  • All God’s children face ups and downs
  • Don’t be fooled by the Facebook life
Here is what I learned in my pruning season:
  • I truly have need of nothing
  • Financial blessing can literally come overnight
  • God’s grace is not on me for other people’s problems
  • I am a really healthy person
  • I am surrounded with people who truly care about me
  • Even my true friends are not perfect
  • I am stronger than I think
  • I have the best husband on the planet
Are you in a rough season right now?
Want someone to talk to?  Reach out.
Maybe I can help steer you in the right direction or at least offer encouragement.
You are not alone. We all face battles. Some big, and some small and irritating. They all try to cut our oxygen off. Take a DEEP breath. You are more powerful than you think. You are still alive. There is still hope. There is still possibility. You will come through this.
Thank God that seasons change.

Jan Goss-Gibson is a recognized and highly respected Authority, Coach and Speaker with a reputation for helping individuals and organizations create quick and sustainable results.Her intuitive gifts and strong Spiritual foundation set her apart from any other trusted advisor.