Executive Dining Skills

Hello, welcome! You are about to discover a secret strategy for sales success, no matter what you are selling. It may seem a little farfetched, yet it has been around since the beginning of time. Cave men gathered around campfires. Families gather around it for special events. Romance is sparked in this magical place. Trust is solidified and deals are sealed. It all happens around the dining table. Think about it. Where do you connect with the important people in your life? Where do you deepen relationships with your best clients, customers and friends? Why does everyone gather in the kitchen at family events? Here is the fact: Food brings us together. How we behave around food says a lot about us and how we see others. Gathering around a table where there is respect and trust yields amazing results. Wouldn’t you agree? In America, many business transactions take place at the dining table. More deals have been lost at the dining table than have ever been lost in the boardroom. How much are poor dining skills costing your business? In this introductory training you will master the basics of executive level dining skills. It is short, painless and even fun! These skills give you a competitive advantage by learning how to build trust and respect at the dining table. Practice until you become proficient and you will feel confident at any dining event whether it is a casual barbeque or a formal dinner. Then you can focus on what is really important – building relationships, trust, and sealing the deal. To Your Success, Jan Goss-Gibson

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