First Impression Advantage

Get rid of your fear – Say goodbye to anxiety – No more awkward moments!

I have already cracked the code on this so I will save you lots of time and help you connect for more profit!

The secrets to effective connection are in this First Impression Advantage Course! Learning these strategies will bring in more sales whether you are selling a product, service, or yourself!

Your First Impression Advantage Course

Here are just a few things you’ll master in this course:

  • How to begin and end a conversation
  • The four different kinds of eye contact
  • How to have a world class handshake
  • Specific steps to powerfully introduce yourself
  • How to break into a group when networking
  • How to hand out a business card
  • Exactly what to do and when to do it in social situations

Think about it … What would it take for you to have your best year ever? The first step is being able to connect with others and make a great first impression. Do you know what impression you make when you first meet someone? When you walk away from an interaction, what are people saying about you? Do they want to hire you or do business with you? Wherever you are right now, all it takes is a 2 degree shift to set you on a course to have your best year yet. The First Impression Advantage course will give you the skills you need for even greater success when connecting with others. This information helped raise the hire rate of the graduate students at the University of Texas from 38% to 97%. The average participant has experienced an 85% increase in their confidence level after participating in this simple, guided, bite-sized course. The First Impression Advantage course has catapulted hundreds of leaders and executives into even greater success. We can’t wait to hear your success story too!

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