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Bedroom Etiquette: How to Show Up Well Behind Closed Doors - Kindle edition by Jan Goss-Gibson.

Here are some common mistakes that keep us from Showing Up Well behind closed doors:

  1.  You don't know how to create the right environment
  2. Physical intimacy feels scary or embarrassing
  3. You don't have the right words to communicate effectively
  4. You have never learned how to set the tone for intimacy
  5. You don't know where to start

You will find creative solutions for these challenges ... and more in this transformational little book!

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading.


Paperback Version

Bedroom Etiquette: How to Show Up Well Behind Closed Doors - Paperback edition by Jan Goss-Gibson is also available to order. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery directly to your address!

Bedroom Etiquette - How to Show Up Well behind closed doors was created to give practical advice to spice up your bedroom, and create a sacred space for fun and adventure with your spouse.

This book gives you many tools to help you connect in a meaningful, respectful way.

Bedroom Etiquette is not meant to be a checklist, but rather a guide to bring you and your spouse closer together.


This book is dedicated to Lovers. May you love yourself first so you can Show Up Well to love each other ...


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Protocol Power - 21 Days to Professional Polish

  • Want to learn secrets to connect that only the Pros know?
  • Do you feel insecure or inadequate as you face new territory?
  • Would you like answers concerning what to do in that awkward moment when you forget someone's name?

Get answers to these questions, a whole new belief in yourself and a new grace in your step with Protocol Power!


Paperback Version

Protocol Power - 21 Days to Professional Polish

You only get 5 seconds to make a first impression. Whether you are heading to a business meeting, interview, or networking event this little book will equip you with the tools to make your best impression every time.

Watch doors open for you as you implement these practical skills!



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She Scriptures - Personalized Scriptures for Women

This compilation of scriptures is not comprehensive, but rather just a few of my favorite verses spoken in female gender. It is with great honor and respect for God that I present these words.

The objective is not to try to change the meaning of the scripture, but simply replacing the “he” with a “she” to personalize it to us as women.

Please read and enjoy…and let the sweet morsels of God’s word penetrate your womanly heart….His words are for you!

Coming Soon...


Paperback Version

She Scriptures - Personalized Scriptures for Women

My prayer for us as women all over this planet is that God’s words will come alive in our hearts … That we will know beyond any doubt that His words are personally written for us as women as well as for men.

So much has occurred throughout history that was meant to destroy women, but here we are … stronger than ever!

Women, we are the apple of God’s eye. We are His precious treasure. He stopped creation with us…think about it.

There is no one on earth that God loves more than you. You are His girl, His woman, His precious daughter. Blessed is SHE who comes in the name of the Lord! Take Him at His word. Live it, breathe it, and let it saturate your womanly heart. His words are for you!